IEA Team

About IEA


Ridgteop Farm hosts an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) team. IEA teams are open to riders in middle school and high school, in both public and private schools. Team members do not neet to own a horse to participate. The horses, saddle and other tack are provided to the students at horse shows. Though the rider and horse have a short opportunity at orientation in the over fences classes, essentially, the horse is new to the rider, and the scores are based upon horsemanship and equitation, not the horse. Competitions are open to a variety of ability levels from beginner through advanced, including six classes jumping over fences no greater than three feet and numerous flat equitation classes.

Join The Team


Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team.


Team Dues:  $300 - Dues will cover the cost of team membership and coaches membership.  It will also cover coaching at regular horse shows, any zone or national final coaching will be billed separately to those who qualify.


Lessons:  $45/lesson - Team members are required to maintain a regular weekly lesson at Ridgetop.  Team members will take at least 6 lessons per month during team season.  This is a reduced team rate.  Lessons will be paid for by semester with a minimum of 8 team lessons per semester. ***


***  Team members who qualify for zones and/or nationals may be required to take additional lessons which will be paid for separately, but will not be at the team rate.  Lesson times must be adhered to.  You will be allowed 1 lesson reschedule per semester and there will be NO CREDIT given for missed lessons.  If a team member consistently misses lessons or the lesson immediately in front of a show, they may not be allowed to show.  All team members are required to attend their regular Ridgetop lesson.  Missed regular lessons will also result in not being allowed to show.  All team members must take a minimum of 6 lessons per month at Ridgetop Farm.  Attending a team practice every week is strongly encouraged but not required.  Riders interested in attending team practice every week should let Allegra know.




Horse Shows


Entry Fees:  Classes at regular shows are not to exceed $35/class and riders will not compete in more that 2 classes per show.


Attire:  IEA shows require proper horse show attire.  Tan breeches (Tailored Sportsman's are best but there are several less expensive alternatives), black well-fitted tall field boots, ratcatcher  long sleeved show shirt, navy jacket, Charles Owens, GPA, or IRH helmet, and black leather gloves.  If you need help finding attire, please see Allegra


Hotels and Travel:  Occasionally, it makes more sense to arrive at a show location the night before.  Please keep in mind that hotel costs for riders and coaches are not covered by dues and will be billed on a show-by-show basis.  Nationals will be held in Georgia this year and airline costs for coaches will also be billed out to National Team riders when the time comes.


IEA Show:  All teams must host or co-host a horse show.  Whether we host or co-host, all team members will be expected to help out before, during, and after the horse show.